So I don’t know how, or why, but the “I’ll write a poem about you based on your blog” post has 256 notes, and climbing.


But clearly its gonna take some time. Therefore the previously appointed date of valentines day won’t be the official delivery date. About ten of you have received your poems. I HOPE YOU LIKED THEM. And uh, the rest. Well. I’ll get to them.

I guess my problem is that I spend some time actually looking through the blogs, I really want to get a feel for you as a person before even daring to write a poem about you. So I apologize for the delay. But, I hope by having a bit more time, everyone’s poem will be wonderful :D I’m actually really enjoying exploring people through their blog, I’m going to have stacks of papers with your poetry on it when this is all over. Haha.

Anyways, love you all. Goodnight! :D <3

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  1. poetdreamer said: *hugs* good luck!
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