Ever have those days where you just need to be alone? Not because you’re sad or upset or anything, but just because?

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rewritingdestinyI have absolutely no idea what I'm doing with my life anymore and I guess that's entirely okay regardless of what anyone says and I'm trying desperately to remind myself of the things I love and I don't have a focus here so if for some reason you decide to follow me prepare yourself for goodness knows what and yeah I dunno I'm in a weird place but I love people for the most part. So you know, I don't bite, feel free to say hi or pour your problems out or share a random thought I'm pretty open to just about anything.
Ah, I write(poetry, stories, attempted novels, songs), on occasion I draw(feel free to ask to see stuff if you want), erm, I sing(apparently well I've been told so there's that), and I'm into photography(basically I love taking pictures of things I find cool or pretty or yeah). Oh right. You can call me Jess.